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Syfy greenlights 'Super Eruption'

"Syfy is adding to its Saturday night creature-feature slate.

The network has greenlighted "Super Eruption," which centers on a super volcano that erupts in Yellowstone Park.

Richard Burgi ("Desperate Housewives") and Juliet Aubrey ("Primeval") star as a firefighter and volcanologist, respectively, who team in an attempt to save lives.

The film will be directed by Matt Codd. Production began last week in Bulgaria."

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PS360WII4471d ago

More Syfy is always a good thing.

Volcano movies are alright. Tommy Lee Jones and Pierce Brosnan agree ;)

darklordzor4471d ago

I like natural disaster movies, but lately haven't been all that happy with Syfy movies. Mongolian Death Worms was just awful.

Faztkiller4471d ago

I love disaster movies my fav is Day after tommrow
Syfy have been pretty bad lately I loved that show Warehouse 13 but I haven't seen it on In a long time

darklordzor4470d ago

In fact since they've changed over to Syfy, I haven't really been impressed by much they've done. I know nothing has really changed, but I remember this was one of my most watched channels, they just had interesting shows, and their movies were okay in a cheesy way. Lately, they just haven't been able to deliver.