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JoBlo Review: Robin Hood


Ridley Scott arguably has one of the most impressive resumes in Hollywood. Sure they are not all winners, but the ones that are, are near masterpieces for their prospective genres. But when it comes to his latest, ROBIN HOOD, he has created something of a misstep that sometimes borders on terrific yet mostly meanders in and out of just okay in Sherwood Forest. Sure the trailer feels a bit like GLADIATOR in the UK, but it isn’t as much of that as you’d think. The battle scenes are there, and sometimes they are engaging and powerful, yet other times they border on silly and laughable. Yet there is occasionally that sort of Gladiator feel, a standard, grim atmosphere with Russell Crowe stirring folks up and getting back at the bad guys. And let’s face it, very few actors can really be as ass kickingly tough as Crowe. His “Robin Hood” is soft spoken, yet has no problem raising a battle cry.