Shia LaBeouf Admits Transformers 2 Got Out of Hand

Whether you liked the first Transformers film or not, almost everyone can agree that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was awful. While the sequel’s action may have been bigger and better, that’s all it had, leaving viewers with an awful rehashed version of the first film filled with jokes that fell flat and an ending that left everyone scratching their heads.

Turns out even Shia LaBeouf agrees with his latest comments at the Cannes Film Festival:

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gonzodamus4430d ago

I resent the implication that somehow the second was that much different from the first. Yes, the second was worse, but come on Shia, the first one didn't have "heart"

Cat4430d ago

Agree, I still haven't seen the second one because I didn't like the first. If the second one is worse, then...yeah, it's hard to make time for crap. ;)

"It’s going to be the craziest action movie ever made, or we failed."

I hope he's comfy with failure, because that is a tall order.

Leio4429d ago

You will experience some of the most stupid movie scene ever including "jerking robots".

The first one was quite entertaining but 2n was plain awful :/

darklordzor4430d ago

Well I loved the first film. Sure it was a little shallow, but it was fun to watch. The second one just went way to ridiculous. They tried way too hard, and went with a plot that just didn't make much sense. Keeping it Autobot versus Decipticon should have been the way to go. Magic and brining people back from the dead doesn't really work in this universe.

I still liked the action scenes in 2, they were fun, but I hope 3's story will shape up. Obviously they can't rely on action alone.

SlaughterMeister4430d ago

Transformers was nothing special, it was just some good frivolous fun. The second one was absolutely terrible, though. The jokes were absolutely unfunny and immature, with the scene showing the giant testicles on that one biggest transformer taking the cake.

The story was stupid and cliche, and the whole thing was utterly pointless when it was all said and done.