The Top 5 Action Movie Dialog Tropes – And the Actors That Say Them Best

Dick Ward writes: "If you've seen your share of action movies, you've probably noticed a pattern. The plots follow one of just a few templates, and so do the characters. Even the dialog can seem like it's picked out of some sort of handbook of bad clichés.

But hey, don't get me wrong, I love action movies. Two of my top five favorite movies are 'Jaws' and 'Jurassic Park,' and they're full of the same sort of tropes that make up most other action movies. It's not that clichés are inherently bad. They're a lot like digital effects. They need to be executed really well in order to work, and if you've got too many of them, they'll lose their appeal."

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PS360WII4472d ago

Number 3 should have been Arnold "Get to da choppa!" and yes no one quite swears like Samuel L. Jackson.

darklordzor4471d ago

I don't get how you can have a Bruce Campbell line in there and have it not be, "Shop Smart....Shop S-Mart!"

Hellsvacancy4471d ago

Or "you see this, this, is my BOOOMSTICK" HaHaHa luv Evil Dead