Rumored: “Chuck” Lives On With 13 Episode Renewal

TV by the Numbers writes:

"I’m not able to confirm it yet, but a source that has been very reliable in the past says Chuck has received a standard 13 episode pickup with an option for a back 9. Hardly a shocker if true, unless you were one of those definitively declaring it had zero chance for renewal. If that’s you, please wait for confirmation before going into hiding!"

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Cat4472d ago

It better be true, Chuck is the best thing on television these days (not that I don't love you, Community).

PS360WII4472d ago

Woot Community is fun!

Chuck is great too and it's scary that the series always seems to have trouble getter renewed -.-

darklordzor4472d ago

Chuck is a great show, and totally underrated. I hope it gets the go ahead for more.

Cat4472d ago

I think it's one of the cleverest, most fun to watch shows there is - and it has definite geek appeal. As PS360WII mentions, it always seems to be the good ones up for the axe, I guess it all comes down to production costs (and the reality glut).

viperfx4472d ago

Yes cmon please let this be true! I want a season 4 of chuck. Hopefull we will get a full order of episodes, and chuck will in the frontlines of NBC where it should be. The fan following for chuck is unlike any other.

Ru4472d ago

Although, I was just thinking to myself the other day that alot of great shows like Chuck have too fast of Pacing in there Main Story Line Direction and not enough time is spent on uhhh "sidequest's?"