IGN: Lost: "Across the Sea" Review

Well, at least they got the disappointment out of the way before the finale… right? "Across the Sea" sets out to shed some light (no pun intended) on Jacob and Man in Black's relationship while also delivering some key answers to longstanding mysteries. While it succeeds at both, to an extent, "Across the Sea" ends up raising far more questions than answers, and at this point in the story, that's just plain frustrating.

Cat4773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

Agree - I was baffled by Janney's character, and what I supposed to think of her. Off the bat, she's a murderer, whatever her "reasoning". Then, she's a crazy ass mass murdered. So, feeling a little light on the compassion for this mission of protecting the island. I'd want off, too.

I mean, seriously, "the light inside all of us"??? This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...

Upsides: Understand Jacob's lame passiveness better, empathize with MiB.

And the ending, oh the ending..."uncomfortable to watch" barely describes it.

PS360WII4773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

They went back in time but not all the way back. Just were Jacob and the MiB come in... The smoke monster is the smoke monster MiB and Locke are not the smoke monster as far as I'm concerned.

The smoke monster getting free might be like people discovering the light..?

the ending though
"and seemed more like Lindelof and Cuse trying to reinforce the fact that they had this all planned out from the beginning. "

yeah pretty much but hey why not

I almost think Lost will have an anime ending. Last 2 mins they try to explain everything in a weird trippy sort of way 0.o

Cat4773d ago

I agree about the smoke monster. It is not those people (I think it, as Locke, may have even said as much?). It takes on the body of certain people, but it is just evil like that - or, for any Buffy fans out there, the smoke monster is The First. ;)