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JoBlo Set Visit Interview: Predators Star Adrien Brody

I was lucky enough to get a chance to check out the PREDATORS set in Austin, TX, where I got a chance to be part of an interview with star Adrian Brody. (Who looks weirdly like my brother-in-law. It was freaky. Just saying.) Yeah, I was surprised by that casting choice too, but after talking to Brody, it all makes sense. (He makes a point about soldiers looking a lot more like him than Arnold these days.) And really, how can you go wrong with an Oscar-winner? We got some info from Brody on which Predators he gets to fight, getting cast in the role and who does the best Schwarzenegger impression. He did his for us, and I have to say, it's pretty damn stellar. Note: director Nimrod Antal, who got more compliments from his cast than any director I've ever heard of, yells out, “That was pancakes!” when a take goes well. We asked Brody about it. I thought that one needed an explanation.

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