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Jane Goldman To Write X-Men: First Class (Confirms her husband, Jonathan Ross)

So, it’s official. Well, semi-official. Jane Goldman is writing X-Men: First Class.

Says who? Her husband, Jonathan Ross, that’s who. Hot on the heels of a throwaway Twitter remark that his wife had booked a writing gig on a big blockbuster that would take her away from him for ten weeks, Ross did it again last night, saying “The wife is away writing X-Men 4, so I am off to bed with little Sweeney alone.”

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darklordzor4387d ago

I'm starting to find a severe lack of interest in X-Men films. X3 was just a hollow shell of what it could have been and Wolverine almost made me cry. The only reason I was getting excited for "First Class" was because Bryan Singer was coming back to direct. Now that he's not, I'm back to not caring. He's the only one who can really do well with this franchise anymore.