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Fan Made Video Game Movies that Put Hollywood to Shame

These fan-made, video game movies go above and beyond. All having little to no budget, these true, gamer videos still manage to blow away the embarrassing Hollywood renditions of our favorite hobby.

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darklordzor4395d ago

It's always amazing to me the length fans will go to. I mean you have everyday people who can produce Hollywood quality effects using low budget tech. Shoot even I've made good looking Lightsabers at home! These are spot on...good finds.

almehdaaol4395d ago

And I must say that MGS and Final Fantasy are great examples of videogames that could translate very well to the silver screen. Hopefully, though.. the movie isn't as long as Lord of the Rings or something like that.

darklordzor4395d ago

I don't know, I personally really like those longer films, things don't seem rushed and the stories are always great (LotR, Avatar, Watchmen, etc). Especially when it comes to MGS (my favorite game series ever) they need a film long enough to not feel rushed.