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Who Needs Cinemas When You Have TV?

FCC: First-run movies OK to be directly sent to consumers over secure TV lines.

May 7, 2010 - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), saying it was "in the public interest," today approved a request by the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) to permit recent movies to be sent directly to American households over secure high definition transmission lines from their cable or satellite providers prior to their release on DVD or Blu-ray.

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darklordzor4779d ago

I for one, love this idea. The purpose behind it being that those with disabilities who cannot attend a movie theater, can still enjoy the latest movies in a timely manner.

Lots of people won't use it for that purpose, but I don't think it's going to hurt theaters as much as people think. Seeing things on the big screen and the whole movie theater experience is entirely different.

Myst4778d ago

That's actually a pretty good idea. I mean I can see this being really helpful when school term starts up again and I won't have as much time to go to the movies. Though I agree with the last few lines. Movies are best viewed in the theaters on the big screen though the high priced snacks are something to which can be debated :p.

darklordzor4776d ago

That's why I either eat a whole lot before I go, or I just bring in my own snacks. Lately I've been going to those theaters that have restaurants in them. The food prices really aren't that bad then (the drinks are ridiculously high though).