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5 Future Marvel films We'd Like to See

The Kartel decided to look into the world of Marvel lore and selected what Marvel movie we want to see on the big screen in the future. Don’t worry folks, Jubilee will not have her own movie, so it’s safe to read on.

PS360WII4781d ago

Everything is better with zombies!

I know Deadpool got his own movie after Wolverine Origins but Gambit was in that movie too :)

Myst4781d ago

Marvel Zombie-verse would probably be good, Deadpool needs one. Umm... Hell they could do one on just about everyone pretty much. Storm, Mystique [One I'd like to see actually]. One that I'd actually really like to see is one telling the tale of the civil war, or at least something from the perspective of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, but preferably the civil war.

The only thing I ask from them [producers] is don't main stream it keep it as close to the writing as possible don't need another mess-up.

*Remembers the time in X-men 3 when Juggernaut's 'powers' somehow got sapped when in the room with that one kid, even though he doesn't really have any. Unless they stated the gem as being sapped...

john master lee4781d ago

Actually the kid was in the comics, but they really did a poor job of explaining his powers in the movie. In the comics, the kid was called Leech, and he can zap anyone's mutant powers if you got too close.

Yeah, pretty lame power, and the characters was lame too. He really did look like a mutant baby, with deformed head and boils on the face.

Myst4780d ago

Ah news to me, but yeah they didn't really explain his power's to much and in the time of the movie I'd assume it would be impossible for the producers.

Would it still be the same even for Juggernaut since he has the gem instead of the traditional means of powers like everyone else? Or are the fans to assume that the child was sapping the powers from Juggernaut that was given to him by the gem?

john master lee4780d ago

Man, you really picked up on the details of the movie!

You are right, technically the Juggernaut is NOT a mutant. He gets his powers from his helmet, some sort of mystical thingy. But I think the movies took some liberties with the characters, and made him a mutant. You know how Hollywood likes to screw around with stuff.

Myst4780d ago

It was more so a collaborative effort with my friends lol.

Though yeah there were quite a few things that were amiss in the movie, and a variety of ideas jumbled together. For instance those darts reminded me of M-Day in the comics. At least in the fact that the mutants were and could lose their powers.