JJ Abrams New Movie Not Cloverfield 2

While the internet was ablaze about the new JJ Abrams project, codenamed Super 8, actually being a sequel to Cloverfield, the rumors have proved to be false. JJ Abrams confirmed that his new movie has nothing whatsoever to do with the giant monster movie.

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LebaNoob4478d ago

Well that sucks :\ Cloverfield was the perfect monster movie, would've loved a sequel :(

Raf1k14478d ago

One of the things I really liked about that movie was that there was no information about the monster and it was a real monster that couldn't be killed by normal means. It came, it destroyed and it went.
Making a series of films leading to it being hunted would turn it into your average monster story.

Faztkiller4478d ago

Loved the first would really like a sequel