Avatar Sells... But Who's Buying?

Dick Ward writes: "On April 22, 2010, the highest grossing movie of all time was released on DVD, Blu-ray, and on a few video on demand services. It’s too early to tell right now, but it’s almost certain that ‘Avatar’ sold like crazy. But who is it that’s really going out to buy it?"

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Xenud4782d ago

...they made a br versione without special feature? I bought yesterday and i'm pretty disappointed that a new special edition will be released later...damn!

Myst4782d ago

Wait a minute the Blu-ray version doesn't have special features? Wow kind of surprised and a special edition is coming out later. My dad bought the DVD version not knowing we had a blu-ray player [PS3] told him to return it and just buy the Blu-ray. Though having not done it yet perhaps we should wait on purchasing the Blu-ray...

Rhythmattic4781d ago

Talk about a cash grab by Fox.

Thats why i'm waiting.

darklordzor4777d ago

The only reason I have this movie on Blu-ray now, is because I got one for review. I didn't exactly give it a great one either. It feels like a total middle-finger to fans.