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Lost Finale Gets Bigger

Good news, Lost fans! The final season just got expanded!

Okay, it's only by a half hour, but still, in a very unusual move, ABC is allowing the final episode of Lost to go thirty minutes past the usual end of primetime programming, bringing its run time to a full two and a half hours (with commercials).

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PS360WII4439d ago

Loooooossssssstttttt! ^^

Extra half an hour is all the better and the 2 hour retrospective 0.o

Fun that they'll do a pop up video for the pilot the next day

Polluted4439d ago

Awesome. I just hope they don't run a commercial every 8 seconds like they did during the premier.

It's almost worth waiting for the DVD release or *gasp* downloading.

Ngai4439d ago

Good news! Hope they can even bring this to an end. Series went everywhere, but it's amazing. Really looking forward to the next final two episodes and the finale! It's a happy and sad month at the same time. But all good things have to come to an end.. then back to ep1 and run this circle again :)