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Die Hard 5 Getting a Script from A-Team Writer Skip Woods

First Showing writes:

"It's a shame that John McClane hasn't come to the realization that Lethal Weapon's Riggs and Murtaugh finally came to long ago: they're getting too old for this shit. And, frankly, so am I, because I no longer get excited when I hear about the return of one of my favorite rugged bad-ass cops. As a matter of fact, nothing but worry and skepticism has overcome my senses as Risky Biz reports that screenwriter Skip Woods (The A-Team, Hitman) is in negotiations to write a fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise. Maybe this time we can get a real Die Hard movie as opposed to the hollow shell we got with Live Free or Die Hard."

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LebaNoob4486d ago

This news doesn't raise my hopes much... Hitman was mediocre at best.