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24 Presents: "Tortured on the Inside: The Dana Walsh Story"

Viewers have seen, for example, that for a murderous double agent, Dana has a soft side: Witness her gentle, post-crosscheck caress of Cole’s face after she blasted him into unconsciousness with an explosive device she tucked into a rigged safe-deposit box. Or the weepy visage she sported earlier this season while bidding adieu to her blackmailing ex-boyfriend Kevin, right before he sank into the muck to become catch-of-the-day for the local flounders and crabs.

For a brief moment it seemed that we would finally hear Dana’s cautionary tale. As she began telling Cole, “I was a kid. A kid with five years of prison behind me and no future to speak of. A guy came to see me. A Russian. He said he could give me a fresh start. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into.”

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