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Lost: Daniel Dae Kim Ponders Jin's Fate

Yes, we're all counting down to supreme Lost withdrawal while trying to savor these final days. Having new episode last week just gave us a little, ugly taste of what life will be like after May 23rd, when Lost airs its series finale.

Lost is back tomorrow night (May 4th) with a brand new episode entitled "The Candidate." If you haven't done so yet, check out IGN's Lost Mysteries piece from last week which was all about Jacob's crazy list and the remaining six "Candidates." With only four episodes left, IGN TV had a chance to speak with one of the candidates (or at least, one of the "Kwons"), Daniel Dae Kim. The Oceanic survivor talked to us about Jin's ultimate fate, revisiting "early Jin" in the flash-sideways world, and the pilot he recently filmed for a new Hawaii Five-0.

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