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12 Little Known Facts About Glen Powell - Looper

Glen Powell is well on his way to becoming a major star in Hollywood, but he's still a mystery to many. Here are some interesting facts about the Texan actor.


Douglas Is Cancelled: Season 1 Review

Karen Gillan shines as she plays opposite Hugh Bonneville in a mini-series about a veteran journalist who might get cancelled due to an off-color joke.

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What Actors Have Said About Kissing Tom Cruise - Looper

Kissing Tom Cruise onscreen sounds like something out of a Hollywood fairy tale. For some actors, that's exactly what it was -- but for others, not so much.


Are Hugh Jackman's Worst Movies Still Worth Watching? - Looper

Hugh Jackman has made plenty of movies that people love, and a few that didn't quite connect either. But are they as bad as we remember them?