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Is Madame Web Really THAT Bad? We Find Out! | Episode 66

Nobody in this video was interested in seeing Madame Web when it was released in theaters. When the scathing reviews came out, we became somewhat curious about Sony’s latest Spider-Man-adjacent movie. Our minds were invaded by thoughts such as, “Madame Web can’t possibly be that bad. Can it?” and “After Morbius, how bad can Sony’s live-action Spiderverse be?” If you were ever curious about the Madame Web movie – or really, how bad it is – then your curiosity will be sated! We watched the Madame Web so you don’t have to.

Joining RPadTV wrangler Raymond Padilla is videogame journalist Paul Semel and public relations maven MacLean Marshall. The trio talk about their expectations going into Madame Web, what they thought of the movie, what they disliked about it, how Madame Web stacks up against superhero movies released in the last decade, and what’s next for Sony’s Spider-Man-related films.


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Little Deaths (2024) – Written Review

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The Boys Season 4, Episodes 1-3 Review | Episode 68

The Boys has returned to Amazon Prime Video, with the first three episodes of season four. Based on Garth Ennis’ wonderful and over-the-top comics, the TV adaptation of The Boys has been modernized to reflect the current political divide in America. In addition to scathing social commentary, expect ridiculous action, sharp humor, and moments that will make your jaw drop.

RPadTV host Raymond Padilla is a huge fan of the comics and the show. Naturally, he wanted to chat about the first three episodes of The Boys Season 4 with some fellow nerds. Joining him for a Compound V-infused chat are Turtle Beach’s MacLean Marshall and Revisiting the Mania’s Carlos Torres.

The three amigos talk about what they liked and didn’t like about The Boys Season 4 episodes 1-3, as well as what they want and expect from the reason of the season. They’ll discuss their favorite scenes (Vought On Ice!!!), interesting character developments, the review bombs that have been launched at The Boys Season 4, and more.

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Love the comics, need to watch this show.