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Godzilla x Kong Review | The New Empire | RPadTV Episode 60

Two monsters get together for a supposedly epic team-up. No, I’m not talking about RPadTV host Raymond Padilla and frequent guest Paul Semel. I’m talking about Godzilla and King Kong! Please join us as two lifelong Godzilla nerds get together to review and discuss Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

Godzilla has had an amazing six months with the excellent Apple TV+ series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and the superb film Godzilla Minus One. While the Western Godzilla movies haven’t been so good, Raymond and Paul were hoping that Legendary Pictures’ MonsterVerse would pick up steam. Was that hope in vain? Watch this video and join the discussion to find out!

beerhound55d ago

Is it weird that them arguing over this movie is more interesting than the movie itself?


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