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The Marvels Review & Discussion | Paul Semel | Turtle Beach Giveaway | Episode 45

Paul Semel, Wilshire Boulevard’s wielder of the Power Cosmic, drops by RPadTV 3000 for a review of The Marvels. Along with host Raymond Padilla, guardian of the secret Ennui Infinity Gem, the pair are huge fans of Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel. While they were both greatly looking forward to the movie, rumors have plagued it, a certain segment of fans want it to fail before it’s even released, and the SAG-AFTRA strike prevented the actors from promoting it. Will The Marvels live up to their lofty expectations? Find out in this review video.

Paul and Raymond discuss what they liked and didn’t like about The Marvels, as well as standout scenes and performances. The BeeRPad co-host Marcus Beer joins the crew as a last-minuted addition.

beerhound101d ago

Lot's of good insights. This movie was super good.


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