Asur Season 2 Review: Takes Us to the Dark Side of Digital Technology | Leisurebyte

Asur Season 2 Review: Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti's crime thriller has its moments.

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The Menu Movie Review & Plot Analysis – Blimey

The Menu (2022): A darkly humorous exploration of class tension and culinary obsession in an exclusive setting. Director Mark Mylod, best known for his work on TV shows such as Shameless, Game of Thrones and The Heirs (for which he received an Emmy Award nomination), returns to action with The Menu. A young couple, along […]


Is House of Gucci Based on a True Story? Ending Explained

An exciting look behind the scenes at the famous Italian fashion house Gucci… would have Ridley Scott’s thriller drama HOUSE OF GUCCI can be. The end result is more like a mafia family epic. And that has both its bright and dark sides. We reveal more about this in our review. Paolo (Jared Leto), Jenny …

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American Horror Story Season 12: Delicate Horrors Unveiled - FilmShowInfo

This season's American Horror Story 12 is based on the book Delicate Condition by Daniel Valentine, a notable horror author. Actress and dramatist Hayley Pfeifer has written all the episodes of this series. Emma Rose Roberts is playing the character of Anna Alcott, a girl who desperately wants to get pregnant. Still, a sinister hinders her pregnancy and wishes she would never get pregnant. So many things happen to Anna Alcott, but her husband does not believe her.

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