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Attack on Titan: The Final Season Trailer Analysis

We analyze the initial trailer for Attack on Titan: The Final Season.

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guywazeldatatt70d ago

What's really interesting is how much they jammed into it. Ymir Fritz, PATHS, Grisha, Levi/Zeke, and even Grisha's sister. Brutal. I say Grisha has way more to do with this season than we think...

surfnsmurf31470d ago

I wonder within Eren's flashback to Grisha killing the Reiss family, are we going to get yet another flashback within a flashback of his dead sister? That's going to go over so many people's heads. lol.

guywazeldatatt70d ago

It'll work and you'll see how/why. Very cool what they do!

lifeistranger70d ago

I've never seen most of this stuff or noticed it before. very interesting. so we're definitely getting this in the 16 episodes listed?

guywazeldatatt70d ago

if we've seen it animated then it's going to be in the first 16 episodes. beyond that people think there's either going to be another cour (most likely), or that they'll do a movie (i doubt it honestly.)