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Andrew Garfield May Be Filming Spider-Man 3 in Atlanta

Andrew Garfield has been sighted in Atlanta, giving credence to the rumor that he's filming Spider-Man 3 with Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire.

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guywazeldatatt70d ago

this would be so cool especially given the fact that electro is already confirmed/jamie fox is coming back. would make sense. so dope!

lifeistranger70d ago

At this point Sony should just put out a press release and confirm it. All these rumors, it would make it a lot easier on everyone.

guywazeldatatt70d ago

They should wait and just drop a trailer lol.

rutgersfan2870d ago

Is there any word about Maguire? Haven't heard any sightings of him or anything.

guywazeldatatt70d ago

Not that I've seen per se just a lot of rumors. overwhelming amount. at this point I think it's basically confirmed.