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Attack on Titan The Final Season Review - Declaration of War - VGCultureHQ

Attack on Titan The Final Season Declaration of War Review: Attack on Titan The Final Season heats up, but does it live up to its potential?

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surfnsmurf314621d ago

This was the best episode yet. The scenes with Eren and Reiner are the best.

guywazeldatatt621d ago

This is only the beginning! Next episode looks even better.

guywazeldatatt621d ago

Everything with Eren was captivating. His character is still the same at its core but he’s grown so much. He’s so cold now...

guywazeldatatt621d ago

One interesting note is the Rumbling. We finally know how many titans are within the walls and what that could do to the world. Now it’s the world declaring war specifically on Eren and the rest of the ‘devils.’ Is either justified? I tend to say burn it all down, but that’s just me

rutgersfan28621d ago

It was a good episode but the animation was so-so. MAPPA needs to step up their game. and the OST choices were horrible. We need more Sawano