AEW's 'Ratings War' With WWE Makes It Look Like WCW Jr.

Nearly every week, All Elite Wrestling is presenting one of the best professional wrestling shows you'll find on TV. So why is it so obsessed with WWE?

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triverse45d ago

Cannot argue with the brief description there. I wish they would focus on being a new league instead of apparently a rehash of WCW.

WCW focused heavily on Luchadores and AEW is focusing heavily on tag teams.

Doesn't help they brought in Eric Bischoff, even if his role was only what it was that night, it gives a bad vibe to long time wrestling fans - the ones that buy tons of merch, the ones that have been through thick and thin with guys like Jericho (who remembers his wild hair days with Ralphus in WCW?).

strayanalog45d ago

You mean the "Man of 1,004 Holds" days? Why yes I do.

triverse44d ago

Dude, that brought back so many memories for me. Thank you.