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George Lucas Rumored To Replace Kathleen Kennedy As Lucasfilm President

A new rumor suggests Disney are eager to fire Kathleen Kennedy and replace her with George Lucas, who desperately wants to save Star Wars.

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Godmars29060d ago

Would rather he just be a figurehead, an idea man's who doesn't have complete authority, given that he did hand it off after the Prequels.

masterfox60d ago

too damn good to be true, still let's hope so.

Retroman60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

First he sells it then return as President......Smart move George ol boy.
Now get StarWars back on track.

Universal 0860d ago

Its from wegotthiscovered. Taking this with a grain of salt

Fototherapist59d ago

Whether or not this is true, I think it's still interesting to see the generally positive reaction. This is a rebuke to the complete dismantling of Star Wars by Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, and Rian Johnson, none of whom have a clue what Star Wars is. I for one would be fine with Lucas regaining the helm at Lucasfilm and getting his sequal trilogy. However, I do think other younger directors should be given a shot at directing one or two of those films. George was a great director, but as with most directors they just don't age like fine wine. Rather, use George primarily as an idea man, a visionary.

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