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Amber Heard cheated on Depp with Elon Musk, James Franco & others

Amber Heard was caught on CCTV cheating on Johnny Depp with multiple men including Elon Musk, James Franco, and many others.

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franwex13d ago

Damn. She didn’t do me when she was with him!

strayanalog13d ago

I mean, franwex, seriously, although I know your ratio of success is good, "how about it then?", just doesn't work on everybody. I usually take a napkin or handkerchief and ask my crush if it smells like chloroform.

ilikestuff12d ago

That’s cheaper than how I get laid, normally I pull some funds out of the ole 401k.
If I live long enough to retire that’s when I’ll really get fucked.

PertySlick13d ago

Damn... And what about these guys who obviously knew she was married. That's just not right.

Sarcasm13d ago

Damn, she's a hollywood Thot

Nodoze13d ago

Hottest SLUT I have ever seen.

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