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The Internet's Roasting Terry Crews For Controversial Black Lives Matter Tweet

Yet another celebrity is now coming under fire for a controversial Black Lives Matter tweet, and this time, it's Terry Crews.

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FirstSonOfKrypton108d ago

BLM is pretty much a terrorist organization

WelkinCole108d ago

True they been lynching and killing white folks for years.

106d ago
MWH108d ago

The man is basically saying that things should be balanced, what is wrong with that?

SouthClaw107d ago

He's trying to use common sense to say lets not go too far and become the thing you hate. However to these people any challenge of their ideology is a threat. Hence the "if you're not with us you're against us" / "if you don't agree you're a racist" / "if you're not actively anti-racist, you're a racist" and celebrities saying things like "if you don't agree with BLM don't follow me / consume my content" . I think we can all agree racism is bad but BLM isn't necessarily exclusive about race it's now become politically motivated with their ideas and the people funding them. This is the same technique the far left have been using for the last few years. They done it with:

- If you're a trump supporter you're a racist / xenophobe / sexist

- If you don't want Hillary as president you're a sexist

- If you don't agree with everything the "trans" community says you're transphobic

- If you want a border wall you're racist / xenophobic

- If you're not a feminist then you're sexist

It's always the same story over and over again, you do what I tell you or you are wrong and we will punish you for it. The ironic thing being that the left apparently believe in free speech but actively suppress speech they don't want to hear.

Sadly there is a lack of people taking a step back, looking at both sides of a situation and making an informed decision. This goes for both people on the right and the left.

From the evidence that I've seen the Floyd situation is representative of police using excessive force nothing points to it being racially motivated. Being abused / dying in custody is not exclusive to one race.