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Big Shocker: Ruby Rose Quits CW's Batwoman

34-year-old actress Ruby Rose has decided to move on from Batwoman after just one season of playing DC's iconic superhero character.

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thejigisup6d ago

The real question is who made the decision to renew this show? It wasn't doing any favors for ruby's career and it wasn't doing the role any justice either. There was nothing spectacular about the show and tbh I wish it was never made of i knew it would have turned out like this.

Nodoze6d ago

GASP - SJW virtue signaling and Inclusion NOT working/selling?? Say it ain't so. Shocker.

FirstSonOfKrypton6d ago

Everyone’s gay!!! You get a gay, you get a gay!! Arrow had Gay Black Nerd lead, Supergirls sister is Gay and half the show revolves around her gayness. Legends Captain Sara and Time bureau head is Gay and (They let you know every episode), Batwomans Gay (Every Episode), Black Lightnings daughters gay(Every Episode), Captain Singh is gay. It’s not about hating gays it’s about hating CWs no talent creators.