Is Tom Hanks Dead? Crazy new theory suggests he died from coronavirus

People think that the images of Tom Hanks returning to the U.S. are fake and that he died in Australia. Just how crazy is this theory?

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KTF2656d ago

A new theory?
I didn't realize they don't know the difference between theory and rumer

Kabaneri55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

A Florida resident.

warriorcase56d ago

Again, is one of the worst tabloid bullshit sites around.

LightofDarkness55d ago

Just when you thought this site couldn't get any dumber. Why not get the Weekly World News on here? "Bat Boy returns from the future with a warning: Re-elect Trump or ELSE!"

FlyingFoxy55d ago

When you get articles like this along with porn i think it's safe to assume they reached bottom of the barrel, like The Sun newspaper.. In other words N4G and the like turned to crap

iplay1up255d ago

He isn't dead!🙄🙄㈺ 0;🙄😷