Amber Heard to be fired from Aquaman 2 and other Hollywood movies

Amber Heard is finding that her career as a A-list Hollywood actress might be over. She has reportedly been fired from Aquaman 2.

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NewMonday61d ago

story posted April 1


lucian22961d ago

Posted 31st on other sites though. Apparently chick is crazy and her firing was a result of cheating on Johnny Depp with Elon musk.

Girl also supposedly shat on Johnny depps bed lmao

Fist4achin61d ago

She's such a mean sounding drunk. Watch out guys!

husomc61d ago

That's what you get when you mess with johnny Depp. You get f***ed deep

lodossrage61d ago

As she should be fired.

Look, when men hit women in hollywood, they lose their money and work. So if people actually want equality (as they say they do), then the same should happen to amber heard for attacking her former lover.

But I'm sure some feminist acting like this is simply an attack against women will run to amber heard's defense.

rdgneoz361d ago

"Johnny Depp agreed to a deal with The Daily Mail UK to release a plethora of career ending audio tapes of Amber Heard not only admitting to striking him but also taunting and mocking him.
After Amber Heard’s appeal to stop Johnny Depp’s USD$52 million defamation case against her was rejected the dominoes have been falling; the 33-year-old actress’s career seems to becoming to a screeching halt."

Faked abuse, lied about it, played the victim, tried to get compensated for it, and tried to trash Depp's reputation every step of the way. Doesn't matter that it was Depp, it matters that she is a piece of shit. If she were a guy, there'd be a lot more protesting.

JokerBoy42261d ago

Best news I've heard all year!

lodossrage61d ago

I agree.

And let this be a lesson to everyone that says #MeToo or #believethewomen. Newsflash , women are human and can/will lie too.

If people want REAL justice and REAL equality, the hashtag should be #investigatetheclaim.

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GGEZ61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

didn't care much for this story till I read that Depp's children were getting bullied in school because of her lies about him being a wife beater monster. Then it came to light that she was also cheating on him with Elon Musk too... How much of a piece of crap can someone be?

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The story is too old to be commented.