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Hobo with a Shotgun Review

★★★ I only just saw this for the first time, and… Where do I start? This is one weird film and a perfect example of a movie which is so bad that actually it has become pretty good!

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strayanalog410d ago

At least you gave it a three, but you do realize this movie is a part of the exploitation genre, right? I only ask, because you say: "If you want a film which has little in the way of story, almost no meaningful dialogue, relatively poor acting throughout, awful (and I mean really awful) visual effects, over the top blood & (I would say gore but I’m going to settle on) gloop and an absolute ton of senseless violence, then this is the film for you!" - That's the point. A lot of exploitation cinema is "so bad it's good," and while it's definitely not everybodies cup of tea, it's part of a tribute to a bygone era in filmmaking (which got a serious push in the late 2000s with the callback movie "Grindhouse").