Johnny Depp's phone allegedly hacked by British tabloid The Sun

Everybody is focused on Johnny Depp's leaked private messages but nobody is asking the question, 'how did The Sun get access to 70k SMSs?'

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BrownRanger37d ago

70k messages "accidentally" made available. Knowing their previous scandal, they DEFINITELY phone hacked.

SodoBot37d ago

He threatened her? In a private message never intended for her.... The Sun may know how to heck phones, but they funny knot law... That's why they break it all the time.

big_dom_returns37d ago

The Scum at it again. The people of Liverpool knew about them over 30 years ago. Liverpool Football Club knew about them. People didn't listen.

strayanalog37d ago

As much as this sucks, I can't help but think I would watch a movie called "Johnny Depp v. The Sun." This could be like Joe Versus the Volcano, except way darker.

Sgt_Slaughter37d ago

Someone must have been mad about Amber Heard getting hate for what she did to do this. Some weird people in this world.

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