The Batman 2021 suit spotted in Scotland and it looks like bad cosplay

Robert Pattinson's stunt double was spotted wearing the actual 2021 Batstuit in Glasgow, Scottland, and it looks really weird.

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thejigisup35d ago

Trying to figure out why the author decides to use the word ghetto to describe the batsuit. I am also curious to know if she intended to infer that it was a bad thing, or a good thing. I am just confused in general. The odd thing is she shamelessly links a previous article she wrote stating the same exact thing. Why?

"Fans first got a glimpse of the Robert Pattinson in the batsuit when director Matt Reeves released a screen test of him wearing the costume designed by Jacqueline Durran, and, although it looked ghetto and homemade, it actually looked pretty cool."

Seriously, what the f?

From her article titled:
Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit looks awesome but very ghetto and homemade

"Jacqueline Durran has done an amazing job, especially considering this is her first superhero project. She has managed to design a Batsuit that looks rough, ghetto, and super menacing all at the same time."

I am struggling here to understand what point is trying to be made. The definition of the word just doesn't seem to fit and totally feels out of place. This is the first time I'm hearing someone refer to the design as ghetto. Really, the context is poor.

Finally... this was tagged as news. News is supposed to be objective, not subjective.
I know the author and others will not appre6 all that I'm saying but I have seen better written articles from this site and author before. Let's strive to do better.