The Batman photos show Pattinson's Bruce Wayne like Joker's brother

These new promo pictures of The Batman show Pattinson in his final form as the dark knight, and Bruce Wayne looks a lot like Phoenix's Joker.

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JokerBoy42232d ago

The dynamic that they could be brothers on the Joker movie was so amazing and fresh to me. Imagine a franchise where they are always fighting and Joker knows he is possibly Bruce Wayne's brother but yet doesnt know that's who Batman is and Bruce has no idea either way. That dynamic excited me and was a new take on their struggle over the years. I'm really hoping this movie IS connected, but WB doesnt want to let the "Cat out of the bag" yet. Either way, against all the backlash Pattinson is getting for this I have a really good feeling about this movie. I did ever since the director said he wanted this movie to be more detective/noir based.

CrimsonWing6932d ago

Man... i dunno, he just isn't giving me the Bruce Wayne kind of vibe. Those photos he looks like he's duck facing for some model pic.

Kabaneri32d ago

Yeah that duckface makes him look like Phil Spencer.

KingPin31d ago

i would love to be proved wrong, but man, this guy just doesn't look like he could pull off batman.