Brie Larson "too white" to play Captain Marvel, petition claims

Seems as though Brie Larson just can't get a break. People of colour want her replaced in the next Captain Marvel movie because she's white.

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Batnut0036d ago

A. This is old news but whatever, gotta get those hateclicks.
B. Spike Valentine is a comicgate dumbass and most of those signings are other alt-right trolls, not the lgbt community.

JustinJustDied36d ago

You lost me at alr-right. Anything that you disagree with is rage bait or hate clicks.

Batnut0036d ago

Not everything, just the nonsense your blog likes to post on the regular cause it’s the only way you can drive any traffic to your poorly written rubbish.

KingPin35d ago

from the headline alone, im asking myself, why should we care. lol

the infinity saga ended. thats it for me. 1 season of the longest running show was enough for me and most people out there. We dont need season 2, nor do we need any spin-offs. we're good thanks.