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Female-Led Indiana Jones TV Show Reportedly In The Works

A female-led Indiana Jones TV show is reportedly in the works at Disney, set to follow on from a big revelation in Indy 5.

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BrownRanger179d ago

So there was some truth to the Sausage Roll article. Now we just got to wait to see if this female Indy identifies as a trans male.

Hroach616179d ago

It’s from wegotthiscovered. So most likely they are just putting a spin on that story and reposting it.
I don’t trust anything from them. It’s either intentionally vague enough that right or wrong they can say sources say or things change. Or they just straight up make stuff up.

JustinJustDied178d ago

I think they're pretty legit.

Allsystemgamer179d ago

So is Hollywood’s plan just remake everything with women?

Are they trying to go bankrupt? Hasn’t it been clear this doesn’t get asses in seats?

Hroach616179d ago

They just don’t seem to realize that having female lead characters isn’t the problem. It’s that they keep taking property’s with a majority male fan base and swapping the sex around. Not gonna help when most of the people who really want to go see these movies are men. I think these box office bombs have proven women don’t show up to these movies in large numbers. I’m not knocking women. Numbers don’t lie.
The other problem is they keep doing this kinda thing with property’s who’s fan bases are either dead, or that didn’t have a large fan base to begin with.
There’s plenty of strong female characters to make movies/tv about. But those are “untested” so they would rather try a gender swap with known property’s. Let them. Studios lose enough money on this pandering bs maybe they will give new ideas a chance.