PewDiePie vid blocked: white guy who spent A$230k to look like BTS Jimin

PewDiePie's commentary on the guy who spent a quarter mill on race change surgery to look like BTS Jimin has been blocked by AlfDigital.

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GamerDad8210d ago

Mental illness on display? Thank you left wing media/propaganda. GFY.

ReVibe10d ago

Sausage Roll is actually centerist in comparison to everything else I've seen on the media spectrum, but in this case, they could do a lot better. Pretty clickbaity anyway, some scam-related site blocked him. OooooOOOOOoooo~

xTonyMontana10d ago

I'm sorry but what film is this about exactly?

SamPao10d ago

what does that mean video has been blocked? its on youtube, for everyone to see yeah?

ReVibe10d ago

He can DWHD, but I pity him if he has a crush on the very person he's trying to become. No one's ever going to want him if he's always got his idol popstar on the brain (and face!) .... and unless Jimin happens to be monosexual, he's certainly not going to relay the sentiment.

I'm not bashing him, but based on how the world works, massive regret is in his cards in the next few years. But that's his dealy-o.