Alita sequel allegedly in turmoil because of Captain Marvel

It's been a year since Alita: Battle Angel hit cinemas and since then Disney haven't talked about her. It may be because of Captain Marvel.

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Edgelordsupreme42d ago

Or because they're BOTH terrible movies? Just one sold and the other faded into obscurity except for a small group of weaboo losers? Your tabloid ass website is going to give me a stroke one day, you have no sources just this "an insider explained to us." THE JANITOR DOESN'T COUNT AS A SOURCE. You want to know why Captain Marvel is going to go on and Alita won't? It's pretty simple, you could have gotten it out of the way with one article but hey who am I kidding that doesn't drive the clicks the same way does it? Captain Marvel is part of the MCU something worth billions of dollars, I don't like Brie Larson and I didn't like Captain Marvel but it's pretty clear which one is worth more in the short term and the long term.

There it's done, you can stop now. We don't need anymore articles about a goofy looking CG character, it's hammy writing and boring plot. Like I said above though, that probably doesn't drive the clicks the same right? Who doesn't love crying about Captain Marvel and Brie Larson? Though I suppose I should have expected this when your primary audience for these articles are people who have grown attached to a waifu come to life.

Prince-Ali42d ago

Look at your name... and look at the shit you really think you have any grounds to talk reckless about other people..? lol

Edgelordsupreme42d ago

My name is poking fun at edgelords, if you had any awareness you would pick up on that am I supposed to assume you're some Saudi prince because your name is Prince Ali? You like Alita that's fine, you're allowed to like Alita there is nothing wrong with that. You liking something doesn't immediately mean something is good though, it's pretty simple and even someone with limited awareness like yourself should be able to wrap your head around that. My ire isn't even really with people who like Alita, it's more with Sausageroll and their constant flood of clickbait articles that are just written to rile up people who want to shake their fist at that nasty mean CM and Disney.

IndyV42d ago

Captain Marvel is not going to go on. Disney canceled the second movie.

Fans actually like Alita but woke Hollywood will ruin that too I am sure!

Enturax42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Alita was cliche'd and mediocre. It was forced to be liked just to annoy Brie Larson and her fans. And let's not pretend it didn't have some "girl power" bs in it, because it did, just the more oldschool one.

EradicusPrime42d ago

Ummm, no. The sequel was confirmed.

Sgt_Slaughter42d ago

"Disney canceled the second movie"

Gotta source that otherwise you're full of it

EradicusPrime42d ago

Now that we've heard from the angry incel neckbeard delegation...

If the content here is so driven towards people you claim to have nothing in common with, why are you here?

And BTW, there is no irony in your name. It does not read as anything but fanboy love. Try harder next time.

Edgelordsupreme42d ago

I like movies, and hate seeing actual news get clogged up with this cringey bs? I like how I'm the incel because I dont like the movie a bunch of lonely nerds got overly attached to and I hate the clickbait. It's so obvious they're baiting the "ooooo I hate woke Hollywood" crowd, with hollow articles.

Your account was made today, did you really make an account just to say this? What is fanboy love? Are you having a stroke?

Allsystemgamer41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Why is everyone fighting over mediocre movies lol

Enthusiest41d ago

I apologize to NObody for liking what I choose to watch or click. I may not like or agree with the choices they make to be these characters, like Batman or Captain Marvel, but as an Anime fan, this issue with Alita is quite tragic. you may not appreciate good anime, but this only shows just how closeminded the industry is about this. l mean look at what they did to Dragon Ball the live movie. I couldn't stand them doing that to another legend of the past like Alita., Now I hear Disney cannot even stand Alita? They fight and spread ankles for Spiderman, but a great, carefully thought out movie like Alita gets THIS treatment. And it gets little help from articles like this piece. No wonder Anime fans and Comic fans are always at odds. there is ENOUGH profit to be made here, Disney. You Guys OWN the streaming market. Disney can BUY it's competition,. Has Disney considered selling Alita? How about giving it a Disney+ show of it's own.?!?

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MasterChief362442d ago

It is a 100% guarantee that if an article pops up on Film Watch that has "Alita" in the title, it will be from Sausage Roll. It is hilarious how consistent this is.

Yukonhoneybadger41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I hope they make both movies. The first ones were good, there is enough content, and they did a well enough job to continue them.