Deadpool 3: The Comics Prove the Film Doesn't Need to be R-Rated

While the Deadpool movies found success as R-rated ventures, the comics prove the third film doesn't need to be targeted at adults only.

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rdgneoz391d ago

Making it PG-13 is only going to piss the fans that went to see it originally off and prove the house of Mouse should stick to their own films/shows. They could have done a PG-13 Joker movie, but Phoenix showed an R rated film can make a lot of money. Stick to what the fans love and just put out a good quality story to all the over the top Deadpool jokes and violence.

waltyftm91d ago

Nope, 1 and 2 prove they need18+ it's Deadpool.

AnubisG91d ago

Yes it does. Aren't there enough superhero movies for children? Why don't we let at least one superhero movie be for adults?

JEECE91d ago

"For adults." Lol. Deadpool is probably the least mature of any of the recent superhero movies.

CoryHG91d ago

Um it needs to be rated R. Disney has proven to ruin Deadpool since the acquisition. Have you read a comic book lately?

Hroach61691d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I sort of agree. Deadpool works in almost every media he’s in. Cartoons he can be serious or funny depending on the style of show. His comics are the same. He might be the comedic relief in a spiderman comic. But in an xforce or his own series he can me a pretty bad dude. And it always works. Because that’s just who he is.
No reason the films can’t be the same. Keep his movies R rated. Then throw him in another characters movie or an avengers movie and have him be more PG13. Lots of the avengers kill people in those movies. Maybe he’s not cutting off heads spraying blood everywhere but he can still be toned down and have it work. All he needs to do is make a comment on how there’s not nearly as much blood in people or something like that. Boom. That’s Deadpool.