Marvel Reportedly Making Two More MCU Heroes Gay In Phase 5

According to sources close to WGTC, Marvel has plans to make two more current MCU heroes gay, with the characters said to be coming out in Phase 5.

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JustinJustDied57d ago

Trans Dr. Jones and more gay fictional super heroes. Progresssss (not)

ninsigma57d ago

Like, gay characters already existing in the comics or take established non gay characters and making them gay?? Cuz the second one is stupid.

Lord_Sloth57d ago

They're making Carol Danvers and Jessica Jones gay apparently.

MWH57d ago

Of course they will. They have the power to enforce anything now and without accountability, an open tab on the expense of everyone else.

Dare you protest and you may find yourself behind bars. Freedom of speech and all.

HighPlayer2856d ago

The push to make everything gay is going to send those promoting it straight to hell.

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