PewDiePie is the most hated YouTuber according Google

It's no secret that the most subbed YouTuber has had his fair share of controversy, but is he really the most hated YouTuber of all time? Google says so.

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JokerBoy42238d ago

So Google is the new Buzzfeed... got it!

SkatterBrain38d ago
Mother Simulator
Cooking Simulator
alot of his recent comedy has been miss but these are hit

SkatterBrain38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

watch the cookin simulator and baby simulator it had me laughing soo hard , every fail was soooo Funny

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ControllerBreaker38d ago

Not surprised. Zero talent, make stupid noises, act like a child and have fake reactions = millions of views per video. Don't people get bored of it?

lodossrage38d ago

Look, I'm not going to knock the guy, He's getting his money.

But I agree with you fully. My nephew was looking at his videos one day and the first thing that came to mind was "why the hell does this guy and his childish nonsense get so many views?"

And the worst part is he's not the only one that got rich off of foolishness on youtube. But this (in my opinion) hits to a bigger problem in society in that we reward stupidity, bad behavior, liars, etc. That's a convo for another time though

X-Alchemist38d ago

I get that last part rewarding liars and stupidity but that seems more directed at someone like Logan Paul or KSI, pewds doesn’t sit in the category, of being a liar or having bad behaviour. Not trying to be a PewDiePie apologist but you guys are so misinformed.

rainslacker38d ago

He was one of the first video games streamers to do commentary while playing a game. That made him popular, and because he was popular when the streaming thing really kicked off big time, he was the go to guy to watch.

The quality of his streams, or what he actually does is kind of irrelevant, because it just seems to be a group think thing.

I dislike watching commentary and streams regardless, but watching this guy is migraine inducing. I don't see what people like about him, or why they'd want to spend their time watching him play, and talk, instead of just playing a game themselves.

X-Alchemist38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Lol maybe pre 2010 pewds but to say he has zero talent is absurd, he has over 100 million subscribers, that’s doesn’t happen being talentless, people like you and everyone else love to hate him because you can’t understand why he’s so successful. He’s a well grounded likeable person if you actually take the time to watch his videos, it’s no wonder people are captivated by him. He’s just notoriously misrepresented by the media that blows anything he says out of proportion and it mostly always gets debunked.

xTonyMontana37d ago

It's an age thing but completely agree. Seems youth of today actually find that stuff funny.

Bruh298837d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Content is subjective but to say he is worse than I don't know Logan Paul or keemstar, or Onision is kinda dumb. And if people say pewds content is worse than Jacksepticeye is also pretty stupid. Not saying you said any of that, saying that there are worse people than PewDiePie.

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ChrisW38d ago

What? No... Logan Paul!!! He's nothing but a petulant child with no sense of right or wrong. Most of his shock videos are cringe worthy, and I'm not even going to get into the videos he made in Japan.

PewDiePie can be annoying... And said / did some crappy racial things... But people mostly hate him because he has over 100million subscribers.

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