3-year-old boy's gender questioned because he loves Frozen 2

Contributing author at Mamamia, Rani Kumar, wrote an Op-Ed about how her son's obsession with Frozen 2 and how it has many questioning his gender.

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Abnor_Mal46d ago

Lol, you can't make this stuff up. Or maybe you can.

CanadianTurtle46d ago

That's fine and dandy. Just don't let him take hormone therapy.

Unztayble46d ago

Let the kid like the movie. Don't force that gender crap into his head. If at 18 he chooses to be whatever then fine. But don't abuse the child at such a young age by allowing him to choose a gender or some other crap that some of these parents are doing. As a parent you should not be letting children "choose" their gender. That is child abuse. Some parents are morons. I know that this mother isn't doing that, but I've heard stories from other instances.

Bigman4k44d ago

I agree but sadly thats the world we live in and some parents are doing that to their kids

Inzo46d ago


I wore my mothers high heels as a kid but strangely enough and brace yourself because this might shock you, I still feel like a man!....... weird right?

rainslacker46d ago

Kid is three. He's not identifying with any kind of gender when watching this stuff. If others are questioning his gender, tell them to learn a thing or three about children before trying to assess their gender identification for him ,because that's something he can do on his own later in life if it's important.

He's a kid. Let him be a kid. He may love Frozen now, and next week he'll love transformers. The week after, he'll be into dinosaurs. It's just what kids do.