Alita sales are booming as copies fly off shelves this Christmas

If you are looking at getting someone a copy of Alita: Battle Angel, you might want to hurry. It is one of the hottest selling movies this Holiday season.

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KillerCucumber12d ago

I bought a bunch to give for xmas

CaptainTravel12d ago

Good, this hopefully helps speed up a sequel

Agent_00_Revan12d ago

I'm glad Alita is gaining traction. I went and saw it first week in the theaters and loved it. It needs a sequel.

Unfortunately, now that Disney owns it because of Fox merger, they'll let it rot on a shelf because it didn't perform well enough when it was released. Same exact scenario as Tron Legacy. Tron made a little money, but not the kind Disney demands.

TheProfessional11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

So you liked the terrible high school romance? The awful male lead? Fake looking cgi? Corny dialogue? This site tries so hard to make it seem like there's a huge demand for an alita sequel when in reality there are probaby a thousand people or less who actually want it. It flopped hard and James Cameron lost it years ago, why else would he have ever greenlighted this or Trerminator Dark Fate?

Inzo11d ago

It flopped? Let me guess, you are a Cpt Marvel fan? dude I think you better check your numbers again. And saying the CGI is bad proves that you never saw this movie. BTW, there is a huge demand for an Alita sequel.

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