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Bradley Cooper Reportedly Being Eyed To Play Batman In Joker 2

Bradley Cooper is reportedly being eyed for a number of high profile DC roles, including Batman in a Joker sequel and Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps.

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NovusTerminus1030d ago

DC over here going to end up with 3 different Cinematic Universes.

FirstSonOfKrypton1029d ago

No don’t believe everything you read

Hroach6161029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

Really don’t want a Joker 2. The first one was a great film. But not a great joker movie. I really don’t even see it as the joker honestly. Everything that makes him the joker wasn’t there.
Again I really liked the movie. But change the face paint to a mask and change the name and literally nothing changes.
How would that version of joker even be a threat to Batman in any way? He didn’t plan anything. He’s not smart in any technical way. Everything that happened was either coincidence or just happened around him. Not because of him.