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Lucasfilm Says Star Wars Movies Are Hard To Make Due To Lack Of Source Material

As part of an interview with Rolling Stone, Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy pinpointed the big reason why mainline Star Wars movies are difficult to crack.

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xTonyMontana535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Did Darth Kennedy just kick Star Wars fans in the nuts (even if they don't have nuts) because I feel like I just got kicked in the nuts. Seeing as she is into the whole "the force is female" stuff and wants to promote strong female characters even when they are Mary Sues, I'll give her just one name to shut her down, Mara Jade.

Emme535d ago

No source material :D For StarWars :D Kennedy and Abrams are just total idiots, and their "creative" approach is just ashaming. They only wanted the brand, and have no vision what to do with it. So Abrams had long talks with Lucas (who is the source material), then threw all that away to do TFA. Good job. Is there anybody who likes Rey, or Ren or Finn ? No one of them is as likeable or interesting as Han Solo, Luke,Vader, Kenobi or even Leia.

MWH534d ago

true. couple years from now and no one will even remember their names, I already forgot if you didn't remind me.

Nodoze535d ago

Are they joking? There are HUNDREDS of books, comics, hell even game worlds (Kyle Katarn saga anyone). Perhaps what needs to be said here is there is not enough SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR source material for us to push our agenda.

Kathleen Kennedy is CANCER. She needs to go. Hand the franchise and studio reigns to Favreau and Filoni.

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