Brie Larson doesn't want to pay for her Disney Plus subscription

Disney megastar and feminist superhero Brie Larson is a little upset that she doesn't have her Disney+ subscription yet, for free.

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KillerCucumber25d ago

There's no such thing as free. Give these entitled celebs free shit and the price goes up for us.

Batnut0025d ago

Gotta keep chasing those Hateclicks.

zodiac90925d ago

She should not have to pay for anything from Disney. She is the best actor they have, she even made Captain Marvel reach 1 billion at the box office! They owe her a free service at least.

JokerBoy42225d ago

Beat actor they have?! Hahahaha!


Angyobangyo24d ago

She is owed nothing! She got paid for doing her job and can afford the service on her own dime. Jeez, the entitlement is just so petty. So what if Captain Marvel made 1 billion! By those numbers, it is only the eighth-ranked Marvel movie by box office numbers. She is nothing special and Captain Marvel was nothing special.

Best actor they have? GTFO! Even in her own movie, Ben Mendelsohn was still the most entertaining part of Captain Marvel.

JustinJustDied24d ago

At least? They paid her for her work. She isn't entitled to anything more.

KingPin24d ago

what if i told you captain marvel only had the number of viewers it did because people thought it was integral to the story before avengers endgame released.
had we known she was only going to be in endgame for 15 mins and contribute nothing but a grand entrance im sure half of the people that watched captain marvel would've skipped it altogether.

OT: shes only asking for free subscription so she doesn't have to pay a white male. apparently they're the enemy.

Daeloki24d ago

Okay guys please don't feed the troll

Lord_Sloth24d ago

Obviously this is sarcasm, peeps.

zodiac9095d ago

@Lord_Sloth & @Allsystemgamer LOL Thank you 2 for catching onto that ;)

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Inzo24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

And I dont want to pay to watch her virtue signal.......

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The story is too old to be commented.