Charlie's Angels Director Fires Back At Critics, Says We've Had 37 Spider-Man Movies

Elizabeth Banks is defending her Charlie's Angels reboot from criticism about Hollywood's perceived lack of originality with its franchises.

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2pacalypsenow15d ago

"however, the actress/director does have a point about the lack of female-driven action franchises,"

That's because most of them flop.

blackblades14d ago

The problem is they try so hard to have that kind of movie. Because of that focus they forget to make movie good. Even the new series some years ago failed and didnt last past the pilot.

Nodoze13d ago

Enough of this crap already. Stop trying to push this agenda. It ain't working! Social justice and virtue signaling garbage.

The funny part of that every single Spiderman release absolutely destroyed this movie at the box office. Translation.


TheUpbringer15d ago

Imagine being so braindead that you're comparing Charlie's Angels to god damn Spider-Man

Inzo14d ago

37 Spider Man's hey, 3 of which she was a part of. She should stop now because she is not going to guilt people into watching this dumpster fire.

"the actress/director does have a point about the lack of female-driven action franchises"

No she doesnt, not even women want to see an unrealistic portrayal of a 1.57m female punch the crap out of a 1.9m, 115kg man as proven by the amount of women who did not go and watch this movie. Dont be dumb.

PertySlick14d ago

Maybe. But none of them had Kristen Stewart in them...

Bakkies14d ago

Movie looks about as exciting as a paper bag filled with of old dry bread.

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