Marvel Confirms Four MCU Movies Coming In 2022 And In 2023

Marvel Studios have staked out five new release dates, confirming they plan to release four movies a year for the forseeable future.

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zodiac90928d ago

Quantity > Quality with Disney...How are ppl not tired of superhero movies at this point?

Glak1828d ago


That's like saying "Aren't people tired of Sci-Fi or Fantasy movies yet?". To put it bluntly, these superhero movies are the only thing keeping Hollywood relevant in my most peoples mind. Horror movies have been garbage for many years, action flicks are just rehashed sequels from half-dead franchises like Fast and Furious/Mission Impossible and I am pretty sure Hollywood forgot how to make comedies. Not to mention the over saturation of remakes/reboots of older movies to introduce the Millennial generation to them.

There's a reason Netflix is so huge...people are still going back to watch movies from 10, 20 and 30 years ago because most movies now are terrible. Why are superhero movies, wait I will rephrase that to comic book movies, so popular? Because comics are one of the last few creative mediums out there.

Obviously you don't enjoy comics, but just because no one else is making good movies doesn't mean others will get tired of the one bright spot.

zodiac90928d ago (Edited 28d ago )

LOL "No One else is making good movies?" You got no credibility in what you say fam. What a joke. Just cause THOSE are the only things YOU pay attention to, does not mean quality movies are not still present. And since you pass judgement so quickly, on who enjoys comic book movies; you just labeled yourself as a Narrow-Minded Tool. Congrads.